The coaching model  


It all started when…

Twenty one years ago George started a coaching program through Strategic Coach in Toronto. The seed was planted and George became a dedicated student in the world of coaching. Not only was it a game changing move for George, his passion to help others meant bringing the teachings home where he has been building and managing teams for over 3 decades with the tools for growth that have been around for a century.

Kelly has spent the last twenty years working with women and families in the most challenging, exhausting, painful and rewarding time of their lives: childbirth. As a Registered Midwife, Kelly grapples with diversity, change and the unexpected on a daily basis and has managed to focus on the connections and personal growth amidst challenges. As a critical player in the development and roll out of the midwifery profession in Nova Scotia health care system, Kelly knows adversity and how obstacles make us stronger.

George and Kelly both know what it means to create and achieve goals. Our full day sessions provide an environment which fosters focus. As entrepreneurs, many of you spend time and energy juggling life - emails, meetings, deadlines, conflicts. Clarity and achievement occurs when the fog is lifted. Let George and Kelly help you lift the fog!


our model

  • The power of the written goal

  • The importance of the journey

  • Making connections with others

  • Value centred approach

your “why”

  • Financial freedom

  • Physical & emotional health

  • Living your purpose

  • Prioritizing your life